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23 October 2005


Bangkok Marathon: November 27, 2005
Further information visit: http://www.bkkmarathon.com

SPECIAL: For Malaysian Runners Friends in Phuket Int'l Mountain Beach Marathon

We are ready!!! for the 1st Phuket Int'l Mountain Beach Marathon, we are the winner.
(Ching Tai, Eric, Tan Khee Meng, CCHOO, YeeChooi,YeeChooi's son,Tey)

Eric: U run so fast, if u need beautiful photo should run slowly na.

Tan Khee Meng: with Songkhla Marathon Singlet make you fast???

Ching Tai: Congratulations with your accomplishment and got the eight runner-up.

CCHOO: Congratulations with u too, see u in BKK marathon lah.

Bye TEY! See u at finish line but I can't leave u becaz my legs didn't go, there are so tired.

he he he I just knew how is a fever face looklike lah
( Up hills)

Let's go
(Down hills)


23 October 2005
Phuket International Mountain Beach Marathon # 1
Kata Karon Beach - Phromthep Cape
Invitation runner passion on 30 hills

Experienced by Tey (Malaysia Runner) :

My 2005 Phuket marathon
5:43,this is my worst record in my marathon race...opps...why so bad ah ? Even in the past I snap photos also no need over 5:30 oh...emmmm...I think Phuket is real mountain and beach marathon,many mountains,very nice beach...have to snap a lot of photos share with all of our Malaysia runners.

As I didn't prepare much..I know I will suffer during Phuket marathon,but didn't expect the route was so tough,if any can dib below 4 hours,I will salute him kau-kau lat..hehehe !! After turn left towardAfter start about 1km..there is two uphill road,most of the runner use walk fast and run slow,only some runners manage to run fast pace. Met a lot of Malaysia runners, I decide to use slow pace U- turn to Karon beach street ,after 7-8km..it is beach side flat road, but after 3km, hilly road again oh...cinya cham...! I mostly run slow pace with cchoo and others gang........!

To be continue................!Don't know how I suffer, I just remember when it was hill road, I use fast walk,after all the beach big hotel pass, out of township, don't have road light, the organiser use lampu minyak tanah with rubber,not good smell oh...!When reached a lake,it is flat road all the way about 2km , I drink water with cchoo. ChingTai overtoke us, then I open my plum powder to prevent cramp....! I use slow run and walk fast..Let CCHOO went first...!!After 21km ...I and CCHOO manage to snap foto for each other....then he went ahead....I snap other runners photos.For the entire road..I pace and walk with Thailand's friend Narumol, it is not like running liao..almost like sightseeing....hahaha !! So,don't surprise if my result is my worst....hehehe !!Ok lah...if who want to go and test..not bad...but prepare for suffer ...!!Take care all !!